Release Notes

Version 24.2 - April 22nd, 2024

New Features

"Edit Addons" Feature
  • With the new "Edit Addons" feature, plan addon quantities can be adjusted without creating a new subscription or changing the billing cycle.
  • Admins can now adjust the quantity of plan addons a customer is subscribed to right from the Customer Profile in the Admin Portal. This allows them to easily increase or decrease addon quantities based on their needs.
Fixed Billing Cycles
  • Admins can now customize subscription plans with fixed billing cycles starting immediately or on a future date, ensuring precise billing alignment based on weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly intervals for enhanced subscription management.
Bulk Actions
  • Using the "Bulk Action" button on the Customers Page in the Admin Portal, admins can now select multiple customers within a specific plan and perform Bulk Add and Bulk Change actions for the selected customers.
Resume Plan Subscription with "Canceling" Status
  • Previously, admins were limited to resuming plan subscriptions only with a "Paused" status. Now, they can also resume plan subscriptions with a "Canceling" status from the Customer Profile on the Admin Portal.
  • For further status details, visit Subscription Statuses.
Postpaid Addons Opt-In
  • Customers are provided with the flexibility to enable or disable postpaid addons while checking out on a plan, whether it is prepaid or postpaid. However, certain addons added by the admin are required and cannot be disabled by the customers.
Direct Debit Integration UAE
  • Subsbase has integrated with Direct Debit, allowing users in the UAE to conveniently utilize direct debit as a payment method.


Event Notifications UX/UI Revamp
  • Admins can now experience a comprehensive redesign with an upgraded user interface and enhanced user experience for Event Notifications within the Admin Portal.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bugs for general enhancement.