Customer Portal


The Customer Portal is used to hold all the details of a customer/subscriber, where all their subscriptions, payment history, payment schedules, payment methods, and contact information are stored and easily managed.

Customer Portal enables your customers to:

  • View, add, change, or cancel subscriptions
  • Manage payment methods
  • Manage profile and billing information
  • View, download, print, and pay invoices
  • View payment history
The "Customer Portal" is just an internal name used in Subsbase. However, you can refer to it by any other name on your site.

Customer Portal Customization

The Customer Portal can be customized to help tailor the look and feel of your branding. You can configure the following settings on the Theme Settings page under Settings in the Admin Portal.

  • Site title and description
  • Logo and icons
  • Theme primary and secondary colors
  • Checkout theme

Customer Portal Access

The Customer Portal can be accessed in two ways, through:

  1. The Site URL on the Customer Portal Settings page under Settings in the Admin Portal.
  2. The API, where you can use Subsbase's Single Sign-On (SSO) capability for providing portal access to your customers. To learn more on how to integrate the Customer Portal via API, please check out the Embedding Customer Portal page.

To learn more about customers and how to add/create new ones to your site, please check the Customers page.

Multi-Factor Authentication for Customer Portal

  • Admins have the option to enhance security by enabling Multi-Factor Authentication for all customer logins within the Customer Portal.
  • This feature can be enabled through the Admin Portal > Settings > Multi-Factor Authentication page.
  • When enabled, customers will be required to enter a One-Time Password (OTP) during the login process, adding an extra layer of security to their accounts. The OTP is sent to the customer via email, ensuring secure access to their portal.