Release Notes

Version 23.4 - October 10th, 2023

New Features

Payment Gateway Integrations
SMS Integration
  • Integrated with iSmart SMS for SMS marketing campaigns in Oman.
Apply Coupon on the Customer Portal
Change Plan on Admin and Customer Portals
Warning Messages of Missing Event Configurations
  • Added warning messages to address the issue of missing event configurations in 'Event Notifications.'
  • These new messages ensure reliable communication with customers for all requests and missing information that require customer input, thus preventing potential communication gaps and business disruptions.
New Reports
MRR Overview Report
  • Added a new MRR Overview report.
  • This report is a tool that calculates the average revenue a business generates from each customer on a monthly basis and helps track and understand the revenue from subscribers, enabling better financial planning and customer-focused strategies.
Term Limits Report
  • Added a new Term Limits report.
  • This report governs the automatic renewal or cancelation of subscriptions based on specified billing cycle or term durations. By setting a term limit while creating a plan, admins can easily determine whether subscriptions should renew automatically or end at the completion of the current billing cycle or term.
Webhook URL Placeholder
  • Added a placeholder to the webhook URL, giving admins the flexibility to customize the URL as required, using the same placeholders available in the payload.


More Theme Settings for Checkout and Customer Portal
  • Allowed more theme settings for Checkout (Version 1) and Customer Portal (Version 1), broadening customization options for their visual appearance and design within our platform.
Plan Checkout (Version 1)
  • Improved the v1 - Plan Checkout details by adding a brief line that described the auto-renewal of the plan and its associated coupons.
  • This change aimed to enhance transparency, prevent customer confusion, and eliminate any misleading information during the checkout experience, especially when coupons were used.
Checkout Version 2
  • Unveiled comprehensive redesign and interface upgrade for Checkout Version 2.
Reinstate Copy and Delete Plan
  • Enabled admins to Copy and Delete plan on the Admin Portal.
Transactions Page on the Admin Portal
  • Added a new filter to the Transactions page on the Admin Portal for more efficient data filtering.
Event Notifications โ€“ New Events and Placeholders
Scheduled Payments Start Date
  • Allowed scheduled payments to accept previous start dates.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bugs for general enhancement.