Customers page on the Admin Portal includes all your customers/subscriptions. A subscription is created when a customer subscribes to one of your plans, and this is how SubsBase track when and how much to bill the customer.

As an admin, you can access your customers details from the Customers page on the Admin Portal. By clicking on any customer, a preview to that customer profile will be displayed at the right side of the screen. And in order to get the full information, edit, change subscription status, and/or assign a plan to any customer, click on the "View Profile" button.

  • Admins can edit the Customer Id and Info Fields by clicking on the "Edit" button. In addition, admins can add Custom Fields like label(s) and value(s).
  • Admins can change the subscription status by clicking on the three dots next to the customer's subscription status on their profile, where you can suspend, pause or cancel the subscription.
  • Admins can assign plan(s) to any customer by clicking on the "Assign Plan" button. To learn more about how customers are assigned to plan(s) directly by the admin, please check out Assign Plan.
  • Admins can also access any customer information such as their payment schedules, invoices, transactions, and activity log from the tabs displayed at the top of any customer profile. You can also click on any of the invoices or transactions to see their detailed information.

Creating a New Customer

Customers can be created through the web interface (SubsBase Site) in two ways:

  • Through the Customers page The admin can create a new customer through the Customers page on the Admin Portal by clicking on the "New Customer" button at the top right side, filling in the required fields, then clicking on "Add Customer".
  • Through the Payment Schedules page The admin can also create a new customer through the Payment Schedules page on the Admin portal. While creating a new Payment Schedule, the admin has the option to create a new customer instead of choosing from existing ones. So, by clicking on "Create a new One" under the Customer field, the admin can add a new customer.

Assign Plan

Customers can be assigned to a plan (or plans, if a customer is subscribed to more than one of the plans) directly by the admin, with no need for customer’s input to complete the plan subscription process. When assigning a plan, the admin is enabled to fill in any missing information and customizations and/or request for customer to fill them in.

  • To assign a plan to any customer, open the customer's profile from the "View Profile" button > click on "Assign Plan" button at the top right side in the customer's Subscriptions tab > navigate through the Plan Picker to pick a plan, then click "Ok" if you want to continue the subscription process, or click "Cancel" if you do not want to.
    • The Plan Picker contains all the existing plans on your site, and can be filtered by day, week, month, or year; and sorted by price.
  • If all required information for the plan you picked is already available (saved on the customer's profile), the admin will be able to directly assign the plan to their customer.
  • However, if there is any missing information or needed customization, the admin is enabled to fill them in through the "Customize Plan" pop-up box that will appear once they click "Ok" on the plan they picked to be assigned to a customer. Or, the admin can leave the required fields empty, and the customer will be automatically notified to fill them in to complete the plan subscription process. The "Customize Plan" pop-up box contains the following sections:
    • Info Fields: Contains the full name and email of the customer. These are already saved information on the customer's profile, so these fields will be disabled/dimmed. However, if there is any other missing information needed for the picked plan, the fields will be empty to be filled in by the admin or the customer, as per the above mentioned steps.
    • Customization: Contains the customizations you want to enable or disable on the plan you want to assign to a customer, such as the addons.
    • Future Start: Contains a value field that indicates the number of days after which a subscription will start. So if you enter 20 in the Future Start field, the plan will be assigned to the customer right away, but the plan subscription will start after 20 days.
The customer is always enabled to change or cancel their subscription(s) through their profile on the Customer Portal.

To learn more about how customers manage their subscriptions, please check out Customer Portal.

Search and Filters

Admins can search by name and email.


Admins can filter the subscriptions in two ways:

  • The Quick Filters, found at the top of the Customers page, where admins can filter subscriptions by groups: All Subscriptions, Active Subscriptions, or Inactive Subscriptions.
  • The Filter icon, found at the top right side next to the "New Customer" button, where admins can filter by Subscription Status, Active Plan, and/or Joined Between.

Sort by

Admins can sort subscriptions by First Joined (date) or Email (alphabetical order). And by clicking on the arrows next to First Joined or Email on the Customers page, you can switch between ascending and descending orders.

Export All

The export will show you all the customers/subscriptions that exist on your site.