Release Notes

Version 23.5 - November 28th, 2023

New Features

Payment Gateway Integrations
Partially Paid Invoices
  • Introduced a feature that enables the collection of payments for partially paid invoices.
  • Admins now have the capability to either send payment links to their customers or request payments for invoices associated with plan subscriptions and payment schedules.
  • With this feature, your customers can settle the outstanding balance on partially paid invoices, rather than having to pay the full amount.


Customer Portal Version 2
  • The label "Payment Link" has been changed to "One-Time Payment" across the Admin Portal. Consequently, the event previously titled "Payment link checkout is completed" has been modified to "One-time payment is completed."
  • This change extends to both the APIs, including queries and mutations, as well as Schema v2. It is important to note that the label "Payment Link" has been completely removed from Schema v1.
New UX in the Add and Change Plans
  • Enhanced the user experience for Add Plan and Change Plan in the Admin Portal to achieve a more streamlined process.
Embedding Checkout Version
  • Enabled the option to specify the checkout version you want to use on your website by adding an additional integration script for version 2.
Mobile Checkout UI Enhancement
  • Improved the mobile checkout experience, ensuring a more responsive and user-friendly interface.
Statuses and Colors Update
  • Updated the statuses and their corresponding colors on the Admin Portal.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bugs for general enhancement.