Release Notes

Version 23.6 - December 31st, 2023

New Features

Payment Gateway Integrations
Generate Credit Note
  • Introduced the Generate Credit Note feature, enabling prorated charges and credit note generation upon immediate cancellations.
  • Allowed admins to manage credit note generation on both the plan profile and site-wide levels.
Enable/Disable Change Plan by Customer
  • Introduced a new feature to Enable or Disable Change Plan by Customer.
  • It grants admins control over customers' ability to change their plans, with the default mode set to enable unless configured otherwise.
Setting Redirection after Successful Payment
  • Deployed automated post-payment redirection functionality utilizing a new queryParam operation for seamless user experience after successful payments.
Surcharges Management in Billing Cycles
Manual Usage Entry
  • Admins gain the ability to manually add or delete usage data within the current billing cycle for plans with post billed items (plan and/or addons).
  • This functionality is accessible via the Admin Portal and the Billing Cycles APIs.


Subscriptions Tab Redesign
  • The Subscriptions tab within the Customer Profile has been updated to accommodate the newly added features related to billing cycles.
  • Upon clicking a billing cycle, the card flips to reveal sections displaying details such as surcharges, usage query results, and manual usage entries associated with the selected billing cycle.
Retry Failed Post-Billing Usage Queries
  • Presented the 'retry' option for when querying usage at the end of a billing cycle fails.
  • Admins can also utilize the 'Retry Post Billing' action through the Billing Cycles API.
Customer Portal V2 Upgrade
  • Optimized the Customer Portal V2 to offer a mobile-friendly experience, enhancing user interaction and accessibility while on mobile devices.
Checkout V2 Upgrade
  • Elevated the mobile checkout, guaranteeing a more responsive and user-centric experience.
Invoice Event Notifications โ€“ New Placeholders

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bugs for general enhancement.