Release Notes

Version 23.3 - August 20th, 2023

New Features

QuickBooks Integration
  • Integrated with QuickBooks Online to synchronize invoices, payments, and data.
  • This integration enhances accounting, tracking, and reporting.
Tax Invoicing Integration
  • Integrated with multiple tax authorities to streamline invoicing process with automatic tax application.
Payment Method Integration
  • Introduced Fawry wallet as a new payment method for convenience.
On-Session Payments
  • Implemented On-Session Payments for secure and non-retained payment information for one-time payments.
  • This feature enhances data security by using payment info solely for the transaction, with no data retention.
Invoice Narrative
  • Added Invoice Narrative feature for extra text in invoices.
  • This feature can also be set as the default narrative template for issued invoices.
Apply Coupon Code for Existing Subscriptions
  • Enabled admins to apply coupons during new subscriptions and upcoming renewals.
Customer Profile Updates
  • Allowed separate editing of Info Fields and Custom Fields within the Customer Profile.
  • Allowed pinning and unpinning critical customer info in the Details Section for quick access based on personal preference.
Event Notifications - Delete Action
  • Added ability to delete event notifications.


Admin Portal UX/UI Revamp
  • Unveiled comprehensive redesign and interface upgrade for Admin Portal Version 2.
Admin Portal Upgrade Mutations
  • Transitioned from V1 to V2 mutations for improved functionality and performance.
Event Notifications - New Placeholders
Preventing Request Payment for Draft Invoices
  • Improved accuracy and efficiency by limiting the "Request Payment" action.

Bug Fixes

  • Disallowed updating payment link codes for uniqueness.
  • Resolved signed-up customer notification email issue.