Tax Invoicing


At Subsbase, we understand that taxes play a vital role in any business's accounting and invoicing process. That is why we have made it easy for you to configure and automatically apply taxes to your invoices, no matter where your customers are located in the world.

We also support tax collection through our integration with the following tax authorities:

We are not taxation experts, Subsbase only enables businesses to comply with sales tax and VAT laws. Please contact a tax professional to advise you on which laws apply to your business in the areas you serve.

Considerations for Tax Configuration

  • Take into consideration to make a tax registration in the country where you sell your products or sevices before configuring taxes.
  • You should also take into account other factors that may impact tax rates in that country, like whether your product catalog's products or sevices is taxable there or not, and which tax authorities you are liable to pay taxes to.
  • The tax amount that you quote for your products or services in Subsbase is set to be Tax-Exclusive by default, where it is calculated on the subtotal amount of the invoice and depends on the percentage rate or the fixed tax amount you configure.
  • The tax amount is always rounded up to four decimal points.

Configuring Taxes

To configure taxes in your Subsbase site, follow these steps:

  1. First, you will need to make a tax registration on the tax authority website you are liable to pay taxes to.
  2. Then, you will need to enable the taxes in your Subsbase site, through Settings on the Admin Portal > Integrations > then click on the "Settings" button to fill in the required fields to complete your configuration process.
  3. And finally, you can enable "Push invoices automatically" to have all upcoming invoices pushed automatically to the tax invoicing.

Configuring Tax Settings

  • Once you enable the taxes in your Subsbase site, you can configure your plans to collect taxes.
  • To properly configure your taxes in Subsbase, you will need specific data like the Unique Number (or SKU Code). This data can be found in your tax account that you register for on the tax authority website you are liable to pay taxes to.
  • All existing plans, that were not taxable, can be edited so you can start collecting taxes on their invoices. But, you will need to edit each individual plan that you want to tax to configure its taxes.
  • If a plan is subject to tax, any included addons will also be taxed. However extra fees on a taxable plan will not be taxed.
The application of taxes is based on the configuration provided in Tax Settings in your Subsbase site.

Tracking and Managing Taxes

  • You can track the status of a tax invoice in Subsbase, by visiting the Invoice page on the Admin Portal.
  • If the invoice was not pushed automatically, after its creation, due to any error, you can manually push it for tax invoicing by clicking on the "Push" button found on the invoice.